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Written by: admin on January 27th, 2015
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When I thought of programming as a job I never thought I’d be able to do it. In high school I got a failing grade in almost my subject, how could I ever be a programmer?

I really had no idea what I was doing, when I was in college can’t understand the exercises I’m doing, but Google-ing and asking question on forums got me a long way. I got it up and running on some free web hosting and was really proud of myself. It was ugly, used tables, and all was copied and pasted, but I did it.Be

I realized that moment I didn’t have to be a genius to program. In fact being smart really has very little to do with being successful in the career that I choose.
To be a programmer you need to be focused and work hard. You need to put a hell lot of time into this. This industry is constantly evolving you have to keep up and from time to time you need to be updates on what’s going on.

Sometimes I’ll have an urge to code and I’ll spend hours whipping up some silly idea. I often talk to myself especially if I can’t get the right flow of my coding. These bursts of energy usually come from trying to solve some problem that’s been bugging me for a while or idea I have about a new way to do something that I can’t stop thinking about.