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Written by: admin on October 31st, 2014
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As I came back to my desk I noticed that I lost internet connection which is terrible because most of the things that I do relies on the so called world wide web. Then I wondered what would life be like “if’ we are no longer NETIZENS? So I went to the nearest cafe in order to be online. Then it made me think of the Adztream Solution.

There is internet everywhere we go, our home, office, cafes, restaurants, malls and even public parks. Establishments does this to attract customers which means more sales for them. But what if they can earn more money using the internet? All they have to do is to add the AdZtream in their system and they can insert ads to whatever web pages the customer will visit.

Having this solution not only help the owners but all provides better internet to the users, the great part is it is an additional income for the owners of the Wi-Fi service without really being intrusive to the users.