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Written by: admin on December 14th, 2014
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If we talk about the digital age, Social Media is the King. It is a medium to which people of all age groups are holding on to. As far as the role of social media in our lives is concerned, it has got that power to attract millions of people. Facebook is yet another trend that has crossed all barriers of success and is today used by people worldwide. For those using Facebook as a business platform, they must keep a track of their audience and when it comes to measuring the converting audience of Facebook it is a lot more than just fans.
When someone likes your pageit doesn’t mean that he is a true fan of your brand. Visitors can be lured to like certain Facebook pages by attractive offers etc. It is important for social marketers to understand the audience rather than monitoring their fan base. Audience analysis is of extreme importance as it makes you realize that with whom you are actually connected to. The ones who try and build a healthy community around their brand seems to be successful as far as Facebook is concerned.
Here are some of the ways in which you can understand your converting audience in a much better way:

Conversion Tracking:

It is basically a tool that tracks pixels so that it can record consumer’s action on adverts. It has the ability to track all conversions from Facebook to any specific event. For those who are regular advertisers, it is a great tool for them as it easily measures and tells the return on investment of your ads by reporting on the actions that people have after they view any FacebookAd. A conversion tracking pixel can be added to the pages of your website if you want to keep a track of the conversions happening from the website.

Calculate Audience You Actually Reach to:

Fans can be limited and as said can even be lured by any special promotions. However, the most important part is that you should measure the audience to which you are actually reaching. By reach we mean the unique number of people. With this calculation of the reaching ability, gradually you will be able to keep a track as what all content impacts in keeping your target audience engaged. Reach is often categorized as paid, viral or organic.

Creating Context for Fan Growth:

If you want to measure your audience, then the total number of fans is not the actual way to do it. Here right context plays a great role and it helps in identifying the strategies by which you can immensely enhance the size of your audience and that too organically.

Importance of Knowing your Audience:

If you know your audience well as far as Facebook marketing is concerned, there is nothing like it. Knowing your audience is one of the best ways by which you can actually increase your return on investment by lowering down the ad costs to a great level.

Knowing when the Fans are Active:

You can even find out at what time of the day your fans are most active on Facebook. This can be done by various ways. The recently designed Facebooktools tell you how many of your fans saw the posts and were online each day.

Old Means by which you could know your audience:

Earlier when people were not aware of the advance tactics to understand the audience, they used to follow these traditional ways by conducting surveys with audience polls, purchase demographical info from outside parties, they used to ask demographical questions to the audience. They used to track the audience on various social media channels on the basis of those questions. These were quite conventional ways that are not replaced by several modern strategies.

Highly Developed to Gain Audience Insight:

Though, some of the traditional ways were useful as the client used to get complete insights and knowledge about its audience, however now no one follow those methods. They have constructed more modernized means of doing the same thing.
• Conversion tracking is the new tool that they use
• Facebook Ad reports have now come up with more detailed information including gender, location, age of the audience etc.
• You get complete audience insights through Facebook Advertising. It makes you aware about what your audience likes, what are their hobbies and relationship status etc.